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Alokozay Coffee

The Premium Blend
Alokozay has an involved in years of research and expertise to provide a perfectly blended aromatic coffee which meets the highest and the most stringent standards of the brand. The blend has been carefully chosen to suit all the taste buds. The Premium Coffee is sealed with an enriching flavour of alluring roasted coffee for the long lasting and rejuvenating taste. The packaging is different sizes of 50g , 100g and 200g to ensure suitability to all.


Alokozay Evaporated Milk

Alokozay Evaporated Milk is the latest addition to the ever-growing brand of top quality products of the Alokozay portfolio which forms a perfect complement to our most popular product Alokozay Tea which will give our customers a feeling of completeness and allow them to relish the great taste of a perfect combination of high quality tea and evaporated milk.

Alokozay Evaporated Milk is our Cow milk that has been pasteurized, concentrated by evaporation and/or by adding milk solids, homogenized and sterilized, Vitamins A and D have been added. Canned in tinplate container of sanitary design.


Alokozay Biscuits

We plan to introduce a wide variety of fresh and tasty different flavors of biscuits like cookies, digestive biscuits, waffles and cream biscuits for you to enjoy with tea and celebrate even the smallest things like eating a biscuit special and memorable.